Guidelines regarding submission of Webmaster Sites:-

Before submitting your web site for inclusion in our web directory please the read the following to ensure that you meet the criteria for site inclusion..

  • Web site should be related to Webmaster i.e web hosting, web design, web promotion, scripts, software development, internet marketing, SEO, directories and search engines, domain, affiliates programs, Internet advertising and web development
  • Sites containing violent contents relating to current news, historical events or any such news that may creates violence must be placed in appropriate categories.
  • Sites that advocates illegal activities are not allowed to be submitted.
  • Any URLs which contains similar contents as other sites that are already listed in the directory should not be approved.
  • Sites Under-Construction or Incomplete should not be approved.
  • Address of any site which redirects to other address must not be approved.
  • Sites that violates the rights of others must not be approved.
  • Sites must that contain hate speech, pornography or any material that promotes illegal activities should not be approved.
  • Non English sites should be approved only if submitted in an appropriate category.
  • Never approve duplicate or mirror sites.
  • Always approve those sites which are submitted in an appropriate and relevant category.
  • Description must be simple, clear and brief.
  • Try to approve sites having Original, unique and valuable informational content that contributes something unique to the category's subject.

Listing Type

We offer three trype listing to choose as per your requirement and need. We offer both Free and paid listings and accept payment by Paypal

Basic Listings (FREE)
You can submit your site for Free and will be included in our webmaster database if it meets our guidelines and approved by our Directory Editor. We do not guarantee listing in this category. However the best way is to link to us and send the detail of your web site. Usually it takes more than one month to get listing for FREE.

Express Review ($10 A Year)
The review of your site takes place as a priority, and is usually completed within 1 business days.The Express Review fee is 10 USD per annum and is non-refundable.

You will receive top of category placement with anchor text of your choice. Best position for traffic and search engine results. The Sponsored Listings fee is 25 USD per annum and is non-refundable.